AKOYA Un avión anfibio extraordinario

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    Un avión muy bien modelado


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    El avión mas ligero del mundo


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    Un avión a su medida


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    Un avión que combina con su versatibilidad y rendimiento


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    Un avión muy bien modelado


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Light airplane Akoya and its turquoise cockpit

The AKOYA’s standard equipment is almost incredible for an aircraft of its category. Every single aspect has been carefully designed: comfort, versatility, safety, instrumentation, finishing touches, and practical and functional details.
Offering high-end equipment “as standard” has another major advantage: the stated payload capacity is exactly what you will get!

kt, maximum speed
mpg, fuel consumption
miles, range

Avion amphibie prenant de la vitesse sur l’eau grâce aux hydrofoils


The performance capacities of your AKOYA will ensure that there are no limits to your desires and the journeys you undertake. Whether you wish to travel to a sunny destination or one that is permanently covered in snow, whether you are feeling romantic or adventurous, and whether you wish to save time or, on the contrary, want to take the time to fly over magnificent landscapes at a slow speed, the AKOYA will take you everywhere and in the best possible way.

A veritable combination of an amphibious aircraft and a mountain aircraft, the AKOYA is currently the only aircraft that is equipped with all the necessary devices that enable you to take off and land on water and snow. This versatility, achieved through a combination of the “Seafoils” and “Skis-In” (skis fixed onto the retractable landing gear), make the AKOYA the most versatile aircraft in the world.



The AKOYA is the most aquatic of all amphibious planes; the aircraft’s shape, giving it the appearance of a marine mammal, amply attests to its aquatic capacities.

Land & Snow

Fly from dry land to snow-covered terrain: the AKOYA’s versatile landing gear is another facet of the patented “Multi-Access” technology.

In the air

Designed to provide complete freedom of mobility, embark on your AKOYA right in front of your home and fly directly to your favorite place.

Folding wings

The AKOYA also adapts to restricted spaces. After landing, the AKOYA perfects the art of remaining unobtrusive.

A yacht tender

To make your aquatic experience even more incredible, the AKOYA can be transformed into a veritable yacht tender and be used as an air taxi or, quite simply, sit alongside your other tenders.


Airplane dimensions
In flight
Wings Extended
23.00 ft
7.00 m
Wing span
35.80 ft
10.90 m
Height (including propeller)
7.50 ft
2.30 m
with wings folded
25.90 ft
7.90 m
12.80 ft
3.90 m
Trailered width
7.70 ft
2.35 m
Height (including propeller)
7.50 ft
2.30 m
Cockpit dimensions
5.60 ft
1.70 m
Elbow width
4.30 ft
1.30 m
Cockpit will comfortably accommodate pilots who are
4’11” to 6’6” tall
1.50 - 2.00 m
Airplane weight
Maximum take-off weight
1,430 lbs
650 kg
Useful load (depending on options)
550 lbs
250 kg


135 knots
155 mph
250 km/h
Vmax (S-LSA)
120 knots
138 mph
222 km/h
Vc (cruising speed) (CS-LSA)
124 knots
143 mph
230 km/h
Vc (cruising speed) (S-LSA)
116 knots
133 mph
214 km/h
Vce (economy cruising speed)
103 knots
118 mph
191 km/h
Vs1 (stalling speed with f laps retracted)
45 knots
53 mph
83 km/h
Fuel consumption
5,6L/100 km
42 MPG
(Unleaded 91 octane or 100LL)
3 gal/h
11 L/h
Take-off and landing distance
650 ft
200 m
Climb rate
1,400 ft/min
Maximum load factor
at Vce
670 NM
750 miles
1250 km
at Vce with optional 29 gal -110L tank
1080 NM
1,250 miles
2000 km
Data results from calculation and flight tests and are subject to change.